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How can we achieve Global Climate Justice? with Darrel Moellendorf

In this episode, Friederike talks to political philosopher Darrel Moellendorf on Global Climate Justice. Darrel Moellendorf is Professor for International Political Theory and Philosophy at Goethe University and member of the excellence cluster „Normative Orders“.

In his work, Darrel focuses on the philosohpy of the environment and moral philosophy. He’s the author of four books: Darrel has written two books on global justice called Cosmopolitan Justice and Global Inequality matters and two books on climate justice called The Moral Challenge of Dangerous Climate Change and his most recent work: Mobilizing Hope: Climate Change and Global Poverty. Today, we will be talking about his latest work. His current research project is called Hope for Human Prospects in the Anthropocene. 


Darrell Moellendorf’s newest book „Mobilizing Hope: Climate Change and Global Justice“  is published by Oxford University Press, 2022.

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