Radio Dauerwelle News 31.07.2020 – English Version (Transcript)

Hello and welcome to our news podcast by Radio Dauerwelle. I am Kathi and these are the news from the 31st of July.

Today, we will be talking about new discoveries in Corona related research, solar chargers for smartphones on the campus, research about a parking-lot-navigation-system and the “Deutschlandstipendium” (a student grant). As events tips, we will present to you a beneficial Drag-Show and an open-air cinema.

There is news in the fight against the Corona Virus: A team of international scientists under the umbrella of the Goethe University discovered the virus protein which is responsible for the reproduction and the spread of the virus inside the human body. The enzyme Papain-like Protease, in short PLpro, is produced right after the infection and luckily there is an antidote against it. This antidote both suppresses the virus and supports the immune response. Ivan Đikić, Professor for Biochemistry at the University Hospital in Frankfurt, called this a “one-two punch”-strategy and identified the further development of the agents inhibiting PLpro as “central challenge to this therapy approach”.

You are sitting in a seminar and your phone has only 5 % left and suddenly the search for a power socket begins. Who does not know this problem? Now, there is an ecological alternative to the standard socket. So-called iBenches have recently been installed at Campus Westend and Riedberg. The seating surface of these benches is covered with solar panels which charge integrated batteries. Through an USB-port, you can charge your phone with the power stored in the bench. Although it sounds pretty handy to charge your phone through something you are sitting on at the same time, it is admittedly weird to so, isn’t it?

Traffic jams, red lights and also the search for a parking lot. To commute by car instead of train is not always faster or more practical. Therefore, scientists at the Frankfurt University are working on a navigation software which accounts for the time needed to find a parking lot. The scientists hope that people will shift towards train and other public transportation as soon as they realize the additional time they will need for the search, according to the FAZ. This is supposed to simplify the evaluation between ecological alternative and the car on a stressful morning.

What would you do with an additional 300€ per month? No matter what, if it is a good idea, you should apply for the “Deutschlandstipendium” (you are not required to be a German national). Social commitment betters your chances for a successful application. The application period begins this Monday and ends on the 21st of August. Good Luck!

Splits, glitter and nasty commentators. All of this will be part of the Online Drag Show organized by the “Autonomes Queerfeministisches Schwulenreferat” (Autonomous Queerfeminist Gay-Department). Gönni is one of the organizers and was ready to give us a little preview:

Quote: There will be Dragqueens competing in a contest on the stage who are simultaneously collecting donations for the different projects they represent. This is the show’s setup: a commentated appearance of each Queen on stage and additionally backstage interviews with the competitors.

The show is not only serving entertainment purposes since the twelve Queens collect funds for distinct projects they represent.

Quote: The Queen who acquires the most donations will get additional 200€ prize money on top. It was a conscious decision that every Queen should represent their own project. Through this, many different projects will be able to be funded. Also, this leaves room for little projects which otherwise do not get a lot of attention. Participating are the initiatives “Liebe, wen Du willst”, the Aids Aid, the “ambulante Kinder- und Jugend-Hospiz-Dienst” (youth aid) and many more.

And another highlight: After the show Midge will play. Some of you might know him from the Goethe-Gönn-Dir-Partys. The event is starting on Saturday at 8pm on Twitch. A link is provided in the German description of the podcast.

Visiting the cinema during the pandemic is complicated. But now in the summer, some open-air cinemas are open. That way, it is possible to enjoy a good movie while simultaneously feeling a warm summer breeze on your skin. The “Kino auf dem Dach” on the rooftop of the “Haus am Dom” not only provides the look on a movie screen, but also on the panorama of the Frankfurt Skyline. The cinema is open until the 9th of August and the entry fee is 11€.

These were the news by Radio Dauerwelle. The news editorial team wishes you a pleasant lecture-free time.

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