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What are »Democratic Innovations«? with Rikki Dean

Dr. Rikki Dean is post-doctoral fellow at the research unit for Democratic Innovations at the Institute of Political Science at  FB 03. In his research, Rikki is interested in the empirical research on democracy. He seeks to combine democratic theory and public administration theory with empirical social science to understand issues in participatory governance.  Prior to joining the institute of political science at Goehte, he completed his PhD at the London School of Economics on the topic of „Democratising Bureaucracy“, and worked at several universities in the UK, including Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford, and Westminster.  He has been a visiting fellow at the Ash Center for Democratic Innovation and Governance at Harvard University and the Université Libre in Brussels. He’s just returned to Frankfurt from Brussels and is currently focusing on projects about what citizens and other political actors want democracy to look like, and how citizen deliberation can be integrated into political institutions.


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